An SMP server for 3-letter and OG usernames only


Version 1.16.5 with 1.8 PvP

About the SMP

3NAME SMP is our take on an exclusive SMP for people with 3-letter and OG Minecraft usernames. Join other Minecraft pros in a chill environment where you can flex your unique username, meet new people, and have a relaxing time.

We want to keep the SMP as close to Vanilla as possible, so we only have the following plugins: 1.8 PvP, PvP toggle (opt-in), TPA, Silk Touch Spawners, night-skip opt-in, and a few others.


If you have a 3-letter Minecraft username on Java edition, you will automatically be allowed to join the server and start playing. If your username is in the English dictionary (according to Merriam-Webster), you will also automatically be admitted.

However, we know there are plenty of OG names that aren't in the dictionary, so if you are denied entry for the first time, we'll have a staff member manually add you onto the server if we deem your name to be OG.