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Frequently Asked

What timezone is this?

Times listed above are based on your device's timezone.

What is a "drop interval"?

This name will become available at some time between the start and the end of the drop interval. Unfortunately we can't give a precise time that this name will drop, only an interval, due to changes made to Mojang's API in 2022. We are constantly trying to improve our algorithm to decrease the drop interval duration.

Get ready to change your name!

When the drop interval starts, be sure you're the first one to claim the name! Follow these steps to get ready.

Step 1 Click me to go to your profile on Minecraft's website.

Step 2 Log into your account. If you haven't migrated your account already, you can do so by clicking here.

Step 3 Click the Profile Name button under Minecraft: Java Edition.

Step 4 During the drop interval, enter ag_ in the box and submit!


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